This event is a Covid safe event and in order to fall within current guidelines it is an outdoor activity. Even if you stay in your car and are not doing the dark woods walk please keep in mind our talent is outside performing. In the event of rain there are certain dangers that we need to avoid. 


Please understand our rain policy below if the day looks like rain. 


Rain Policy:  


Light Rain - In the event of light rain we will continue to run as long as conditions are safe 


Rain Delay - If rain is heavy enough to warrant unsafe conditions, including lighting warnings, we will stop the event. We will attempt to reopen if it appears the rain cell is brief or blowing over. You may receive an email delaying your arrival time if this happens to minimize your wait. If you are in the woods when this happens you may return to your car and upon reopening you may start the woods walk again. If your are on our driving course we ask you stay in your place until we reopen. We will make every effort to NOT cancel and just delay. 


Rain Postponed - In the event we do not open or reopen, you will receive an email within 48 hours providing you one of our pre selected rain day options.  Please note we do not have any Friday or Saturdays blocked as rain check dates. This is so we can control the amount of guests who can safely be in the park under Covid and safety guidelines. We will not overbook a date in order to provide the guests the most optimal experience.


Thank you for understanding. 



All sales final there are no exchanges or refunds.

PLEASE NOTE: Company reserves the right in lieu of rain check to upgrade purchase. If client purchased a bulk package and could not do the drive and there are no rain checks available but did do the walk and did not receive an upgrade the maximum value of the drive that can be refunded is 5% of the sale. The bulk bundle is a discounted package that the largest value is the walk. If the walk is rained out and client did the drive 95% of purchase may be refunded. There are no rain checks, refunds or credits for rain delays as long as event opens and there are no refunds or rain checks because client waited a long time or did not want to wait.